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Are you searching  for Apple iPad Repair Service in Kolkata or iPad Repair Shop Near me, Now your search comes to an end. gadgetfixzone is the Best place for iPad Repair service in Kolkata. Our certified engineers are highly trained and experienced in providing all different Kind of repairs, You can trust Gadgetfixzone for your  ipad repairing We have our Mobile service workshops in Kolkata  for last 10Years. Few of our best services are iPad screen or display replacement, iPad home button repair or replacement, iPad Battery replacement, iPad motherboard repair etc. we use quality part at very reasonable cost with warranty on every repair.

We at Gadgetfixzone fix all Kind of hardware issues related to all APPLE iPad models like iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro.

  • Broken iPad screen issue
  • Faulty iPad battery
  • iPad water damage issue
  • Not responding iPad home button
  • Damage iPad speaker issue
  • iPad charging point issue
  • iPad microphone issue
  • Broken iPad camera issue
  • iPad network issue
  • Faulty iPad power button issue
  • iPad volume button issue

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These are the common issues related to all iPad.

iPad Repair Service in Kolkata by Gadgetfixzone.

iPad Screen Replacement:: Broken screen is most common issue nowadays. Gadgetfixzone specializes in  iPad screen repair. We replace cracked screens and broken glass promptly at an affordable price on a wide variety of iPad models.

iPad Battery Replacement: If your phone on but does not hold a charge you may need a new battery. we can fix your Apple iPad battery issue within 2 hour call us.

iPad Charging Port Replacement: Does your iPad not charging .we will first diagnose the problem your iPad charging port or socket if it is faulty then we will fix within 2 hour in our service center you can book your call with Gadgetfixzone  or call us.

iPad Home Button Replacement: iPad home button not working . call us we will fix the issue within 2 hour call us.

iPad Speaker Repair or Replacement:  Speak issue with Apple iPad is a very common problem. Your speaker are not working properly because of dust in it. We can clean or repair it call us.

iPad Repair service in kolkata you can trust GadgetFixZone

iPad Motherboard Repair: If your iPad does not turn on and you don’t understand where to go and how to fix it. Don’t worry, Gadgetfixzone is the best place for your iPad call us. Our certified engineers  are highly trained and experienced You can trust us.

iPad Water Damage Repair: Do you spilled water on your device accidentally? Don’t worry. We can fix your water damaged circuit board. Our trained technicians are experienced with this kind of challenge.

iPad Camera Replacement: Does your iPad camera not working . Contact us we will fix the issue .

iPad Mic Not Working: : Does your iPad mic not working .Contact us we will fix the issue.

iPad Back Housing Replacement: 
Your iPad back body damage like back glass or out case .we can fix the issue call us

iPad Software Issue: For any kind of iPad software issue we can fix it call us or visit us. We are Kolkata’s best iPad repair service center in kolkata and we provide rich iPad repair service backed with a warranty, feel free to contact us.

Here is the list of all iPad models we repair:

Let’s first identify what kind of iPad you are having. 

Here is a list of popular iPad Model No.
  • Apple iPad pro 3rd Gen, 12.9″ 2018
  • iPad pro 3rd Gen, 11″ 2018
  • Apple iPad pro 2nd Gen, 12.9″ 2017
  • iPad pro 2nd Gen, 10.5″ 2017
  • Apple iPad pro, 9.7″ 2016
  • iPad pro, 12.9″ 2015
  • Apple iPad mini 5th Gen, 7.9″ 2019
  • Apple iPad mini 4, 7.9″ 2015  
  • iPad mini 3, 7.9″ 2014
  • Apple iPad mini 2, 7.9″ 2013
  • iPad mini, 7.9″ 2012
  • Apple iPad air 3rd Gen, 10.5″ 2019
  • iPad air 2,  9.7″ 2014
  • apple iPad air, 9.7″ 2013
  • Apple iPad 7th Gen, 10.2″ 2019
  • iPad 6th Gen, 9.7″ 2018
  • Apple iPad 5th Gen, 9.7″ 2017
  • iPad 4, 9.7″ 2012
  • Apple iPad 3, 9.7” 2012
  • iPad 2, 9.7” 2011
  • iPad, 9.7” 2010           

About Us:

We are a primary provider of technical services, specializing in online & on-site Macbook, iPhone, iPad & Smartphone,Laptop repair. We provide industry leading Laptop, Apple Gadgets & Smartphone technical support to both domestic and business clients. Our team of experienced, friendly, and professional people is capable of managing all your concerns regarding fixing Laptop, Apple Gadgets & Smartphone problems. Our goal is to provide you with fast and effective solutions for all your technology glitches, whatever they may be at reasonable cost. We’ve worked with a vast portfolio of happy customers over last 10 years.

Looking for Macbook repair in Kolkata: call us 9830079696

Looking for iPhone Service Center in Kolkata: call us 9830079696

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Frequently Asked Question

1.What kind of service Gadgetfixzone Provides?

GadgetFixzone provides all kind of service related  iPhone, iPad ,macbook  Smartphone and laptop repairs and also.

2. Do You Provides home Service ?

Yes GadgetFixzone provides home service depend on your gadget fault.

3. Do you provides same day service?

Yes we do it , common problem we will fix in same day.

4. Should i go to service center ?

if your Gadget under warranty then go to service center but if is not under warranty then you can call or visit  GadgetFixZone trusted service center near you.

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