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For us, the repair work is not just about finding the fault and fixing it, it is about quality parts that are made to last long. We make sure that each of the parts used for repairing are brand new and of the highest quality.

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We repair each and every issues of different types of Laptop models like HP, Dell, Lenovo. Laptop screen replacement, Hinge repair, Keyboard replacement, dead laptop repair, Laptop charging issue repair, Battery replacement.

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We Will Pick Up Your Device And Deliver It When The Repairs Are Done.

Saving your time and money, we provide fast, smooth and reliable repairing service. 

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Laptop Screen Replacement

Broken Laptop Screen? Laptop are costly. Repairing them are not anymore. Get your Dell, HP, Lenovo laptop fixed with us. We use 100% OEM parts.

Dead Laptop Repair

Is your Laptop dead? Don't worry. This might be a software or a hardware issue. We can bring your Laptop to life in 48 hours.

Water Damage Repair

Do you spilled water on your Laptop accidentally? Don't worry. We can fix your water damaged circuit board. Our trained technicians are experienced with this kind of challenge.

Laptop Keyboard Problem

Laptop keyboard not working smoothly? Don't worry. We are here to fix your laptop at an affordable cost. Plus you will get a warranty on every repair.

Laptop Speaker Issue

Speak issue with Laptop is a very common problem. Bring your laptop or call us to get your laptop speaker fixed. Our trained technicians are experienced with laptop speaker repair.

Laptop Charging Problem

Is your Laptop not charging? Laptop losing power fast? Don't worry, we can fix your Laptop charging or power issue within 48 hours.

Do you want to sell your old Laptop or PC?

We can sell your device at best price in Kolkata