If you are a tech person who isn’t just limited to established brands and are open to even try new brands coming up in the market then one of the brands that you might have seen developing and growing a lot in the recent years is Xiaomi. This Chinese company has taken the world by storm by offering quality products at really affordable prices and have given the big shots a run for their money. It is undoubtedly a company to look forward to in the coming years.

Many people have complained about poor network connection or loss of signal or poor signal strength. But this is not a problem to worry about because like all other issues this one also has some fixes that you can try and get rid of this Xiaomi signal problem forever. So here are some things that you ought to do when you come around with a problem like this.

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Fixes for Xiaomi signal problem

1. The first thing that you can try to restart the phone to see if that can help. So just turn off the phone and turn it on again after 1-2 minutes.

2. If restarting of the phone doesn’t help then you should check if the sim card is inserted properly in the SIM card slot or not. So turn off your phone and open up the back cover for reaching to the SIM card slot. Check if it is correctly installed. If the SIM is sliding off the tray then you can also use some tape at the back of the SIM so that it stays in place. After this just turn the phone on again.

3. Also, you should check what the status of the SIM card being used is. So what you should do is, just go to the dialup interface and enter the following code.

“* # * # 64663 # * # *”

This code will get you into the hardware test mode. Here you can check the status of any of the phone’s hardware component including the SIM card. So, check what is the status of the SIM card and if it is working properly according to the phone.

Also check if the SIM is fine or not. It might be that your SIM has been damaged and that’s why you are getting this problem. So turn off your phone. After this replace the SIM with some other SIM and check if the phone works fine with that other SIM. If it does then your SIM is the culprit.
If the phone is unable to detect a network then you can also manually select one.

This can be done by going into Settings, then in Settings just tap on Networks. In the menu that appears just search for available networks and then select the operator your SIM is working on from the list of operators that appear. After this you should also restart your phone. Your phone will be registered on the network and you would be able to make calls and receive messages.

Once the network is selected you can also go back to the Settings option and then again put the network choice as Automatic instead of Manual.

It might also be that the place you are using the phone from does not have sufficient signal strength and it is not at all a fault of the SIM. So you can just try to use the phone from some other place where the signal is coming properly.

The above given methods must be able to solve this Xiaomi network problem.

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